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Remote Patient Monitoring

Staying on top of your health can be challenging, especially if you have a chronic condition. That's why we offer remote patient monitoring services that allow you to monitor your health from the comfort of your own home.

Our remote patient monitoring system is easy to use and requires minimal setup. We provide you with a range of monitoring devices, such as blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, and pulse oximeters, which you can use to collect health data at home. The data is then transmitted to our healthcare professionals, who analyze it and use it to inform care decisions and treatment plans.

At 2C Health, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality remote patient monitoring services. Our system is user-friendly and easy to use, we work closely with each of our clients to develop a customized monitoring plan that meets their unique needs and goals.

Web — Key Features

FDA Approved DevicesHIPPA ComplaintDexcom IntegrationEMR IntegrationAutomatic Time CapturingAlerts Pop-upsBuilt-in templatesManaged PhrasesDedicated Care TeamStatistical AnalysisQuality Checks

Mobile — Key Features

App for
Patient and Physician

Easy to assign
a device

Two-way communication

Reading Tracker

Access to Care Plan

Reminder texts

Send messaging via text or voice notes

Out-of-range alerts

Educational Material

The process — Behind the scenes.

Patient Identification. Eligibility Check and Prior Authorization

Patient Enrollment​

Device Setup (Bluetooth, 4G, Gateway)

Device Demo and Training

Device Demo and Training.
Vital Measurement

Treatment Planing.
Individual goal settings

Physiologic Monitoring of the patient’s data

RPM Alerts (Out-of-range and time-lapse)​

Monthly Review Call​. Monthly Time completion​

Quality Check. Documentation. Month End Billing Advice

Health Care Plans

Average reimbursement per patient

CPT 99454

Transmission / Month

End-to-End Service

In-House (Software as a Service)

/Average reimbursement per patient

CPT 99457

Patient Management: 1st 20 Minutes/Month

End-to-End Service

In-House (Software as a Service)

Average reimbursement per patient

CPT 99458

Patient Management: Each Additional 20 Minutes/Month

End-to-End Service

In-House (Software as a Service)

Average reimbursement / One time

CPT 99453

Installation (BP, Glucometer, Weight Devices)

End-to-End Service

In-House (Software as a Service)

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