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Principal Care Management

Principal Care Management (PCM) is a service provided by physician and healthcare team for patients with a single, high risk health condition. PCM is not limited to patient with only one chronic condition. PCM services also decrease depression, increase social activity and promotes patient’s engagement in quality care services.

This service is specifically helpful

in providing case management for specialists to provide a targeted set of interventions and follow up longitudinally for improved health outcomes. PCM is one of the best ways to provide a better health to you while you are battling with chronic conditions and help you to improve the quality of life.

Benefits For Patients:

01Additional monitoring of their condition
02Customized Care Plan
03Medication adjustment and management
04Prevents/Reduces the hospitalization
05Prevents/Reduce the adverse health events
06Access to Physician/Care Team

Benefits For Practitioner:

01Increased Patient count
02Increased Patient Satisfaction
03Increased Patient Engagement
04Better Quality of Care
05Better Health Outcomes
06Higher Revenue

Health Care Plans


$25.00 /monthly

Avg. Reimbursement: $47.44

30-additional minutes per month (Clinician)


$30.00 /monthly

Avg. Reimbursement: $61.34

30-minutes per month (Clinician)

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